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Baptism Sunday


We absolutely love to celebrate “Life Change” around here. One of the biggest ways that we celebrate is “Baptism Sunday.” There is nothing like the excitement of seeing so many people make the public declaration that they have now surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. If you haven’t taken “the plunge” before we would love to celebrate with you. There …

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The Hope Of Glory-God Works In Mysterious Ways

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking Inside all of us there is a longing for something. A deep passion to fill our lives with purpose and meaning. We chase the world and all it offers, but our own pursuits always fall short, reminding us of a thirst for something more. And in the meantime, our mistakes and …

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Life Unedited-Call It What You Want

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking Just because the Bible says God works all things together for our good, does not mean everything feels good all the time. But even though there are circumstances in our lives that we did not choose to go through, God has given us the rights to call any circumstance a blessing …

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212 New Drop-off & Pick-up

Drop Off Web Copy

Our student Ministry has been growing which means we have more students on the parking lot playing or hanging around outside before 212 starts now that the weather is getting nice and with the time change. The drive around traffic and more students getting dropped off is creating a more dangerous situation of students getting hit and we want to …

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Life Unedited-Unexpected Blessings

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking In life what we see on the outside doesn’t always match up with what’s on the inside. How do we find purpose in these frustrations? How can God use us in spite of our misguided priorities? Lead pastor David Beaty shares about unexpected blessings; how God can do amazing things when …

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Life Unedited-Your Stomach Is Growling

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking As believers in Christ we have a birthright but sometimes we turn on focus on the immediate gratification of momentary pleasure. Join us this week, as we take another look at an incredible character in scripture: Jacob. Lead pastor David Beaty will use Jacob’s life to answer the question: How do …

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Life Unedited-What’s Your Name?

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking When we compare our unfiltered lives to a world cropped and edited where everything is perfect, we’re left with thoughts of misery and frustration. The struggle to know who we are in the world without compromising who we are in Christ is a battle as old as mankind – but so …

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