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Fall Classes


We wanted to let you know the dates of upcoming fall events and classes at FCC. •Vision Dinner– 9/18 @ 6. If you are new at FCC or maybe you have never had the opportunity to hear us talk about who we are and why we exist, we invite you to join us for our Vision Dinner. You’ll meet some …

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Life Verse-Creative Title Here

In God’s infinite creativity there are no duplicates. It’s an interesting thought because it begs the question “Why?” For all the advancements mankind has made there is still this nagging question that has plagued us for ages. “Why do we exist?” It’s a question of purpose and how we answer it can lead to deep regret or ultimate fulfillment. Join …

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Life Verse-Living for Him

Take the job. Don’t take the job. Enroll in the class or not. End a friendship. There comes a point in everyone’s life when you are faced with a hard decision. It’s at that point that you want to know you are capable of making the tough call, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. The question you need …

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Life Verse-For His Glory

Vacation time hits every summer and we travel to some of the most beautiful places and see magnificent wonders and stand in awe of the glory of what is before us. Its purpose seems clear, it is intended to show the amazing creativity and power of an almighty God. But, what about you? Have you ever wondered what your purpose …

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Brand New Brand-A New Way of Thinking

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking Many of the things you have resisted about church are things the church should have resisted about itself. We have been working to correct that in this series: Brand New Brand. This Sunday, lead pastor David Beaty wraps up our series by looking at five specific areas that have been diluted …

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