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Uncharted Waters:Survival Tactics

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking We’ve all been there. Some of us are there now. Where? In uncharted waters. A decision was made that came out of nowhere. A health issue surfaced that you never saw coming. Trouble showed up and nobody warned you. The question is: how do we handle life’s uncertainties? This week, we …

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Summer Survival Skills

Summer, it means school’s out, the weather is warmer and family vacations are in full swing. But, what about your spiritual life? Does the fun and craziness of summer mean we put our relationship with God on hold until the fall? What if it doesn’t have to be that way? This week we are going to take a look at …

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Unqualified-Brace Yourself

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking We would all like to see our weaknesses turned into strengths. And that is exactly the example we’ll see in this week’s installment of Unqualified. God has a way of taking the very things we feel most uncomfortable with and using them to bring stability into our lives. Join us as …

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Baptism-Getting Off The Fence

It’s here! One of our favorite Sundays of the year, Baptism Sunday! Baptism is one of those subjects that requires our attention. So, let’s talk about it. We will talk about the ancient practice of baptism. We’re going to talk about why and how we celebrate it here at FCC.

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Unqualified-Missing Pieces

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking There are a lot of missing pieces in our lives. And life is largely about recognizing what is missing and what needs to be filled in. Jesus will help us see what is right in front of us that we often miss. As we continue our Unqualified series, lead pastor David …

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