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Uncharted Waters-When It Gets Personal

When a miracle happens in your own backyard you have to tell the story! This weekend, as we conclude our Uncharted Waters series, you will hear the incredible story of what happened with the Tenny family. They definitely know what it is like to go through uncharted waters and see God bring them safely to shore. You do not want …

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Bryan’s Story

Everyone, at some time or another, finds themselves in uncharted waters. Sometimes, it’s through no fault of our own. This is Bryan’s story but it’s about much more than just him….

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Uncharted Waters-The Real Story of Noah

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking It has never been more important to read God’s Word with understanding. The story of Noah is one of the best known and least understood stories in the entire Old Testament. Speculating about passages we don’t understand can get us into great trouble in God’s Word. Join us as lead pastor …

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Uncharted Waters-Lessons From an Unexpected Storm

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory “There is no place in the United States that is completely safe from an unexpected and severe storm”. The same is true in life. There is no one who escapes life’s difficulties. The key is learning what to do when the unexpected storms come. …

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Uncharted Waters-Let It Go-Jonah

You can download the Small Group Questions by clicking Today’s world seems to be consumed with strong negative emotions. Christ followers are not immune from getting pulled into these negative influences. We’ve all heard the story of Jonah and the Giant Fish, but when God sent him with a message of repentance, to a people he didn’t want to go …

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Women’s Retreat

Womens Ministry Church Service Still Slide 2

Ladies, do you remember going to summer camp? You’d get there with your sleeping bag and bug spray, not knowing anyone, but excited to sing around the campfire and make new friends. Well, mark your calendars for 6/23-6/24. We’ll gather at the Matthew’s farm at 7:00 PM on Friday and end at 11:00 AM Saturday. You will meet new people, …

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