Body Life NARROW

If you call us home or are thinking about calling First Christian home this class is the foundation of who we are as a church community.

A healthy church community isn’t just kind of important to us. It’s central to who we are at First Christian. Body Life offers guidelines on how to keep your spiritual life disciplined, healthy and full of growth. From Biblical conflict resolution to learning about setting healthy boundaries, to spiritual giftedness, to finding a place to use those gifts Body Life offers practical tools that will change your life at First Christian and affect your relationships outside of the walls of the church.

What to expect:
From conflict resolution and boundaries to spiritual gifts and forgiveness, let’s just say you will wonder how it all fit into just six weeks!

Body Life starts on Tuesday 9/26 from 6:30-8PM! Sign up today by clicking the button below.


Leading people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.