Current Series: Uncharted Waters

We’ve all been there. Some of us are there now. Where? In uncharted waters. A decision was made that came out of nowhere. A health issue surfaced that you never saw coming. Trouble showed up and nobody warned you. The question is: how do we handle life’s uncertainties? We will reinforce the reality that we need to take initiative in getting to whatever is the safe shore of our circumstances, trusting that God will be present to guide us along the way.

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Women's Retreat

Ladies we want to invite you to get to know other women in the church by attending a one night Women's Retreat at the Matthew's Farm. This will be a great chance to get to know ladies and do a little camping in the process. We leave Friday 6/23 and return 6/24.

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We're growing. Take a look at the future home of FCC.


This is the perfect place to start if you’re checking us out for the first time. We even have a gift for you! Interested yet?
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The Promiseland & Promiseland Express Kids enjoy their own dynamic program at all weekend services.
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At First Christian, we will be a student ministry willing to go that one extra degree and be unleashed by God…
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Have you ever felt like you were the only one going through tough times? Ever, felt like you were alone?…
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Who are we? We are a community of people who come from incredibly different backgrounds, but we are also a community to whom acceptance means everything. When people visit our worship services or special programs they usually comment about how at home they felt, and how they were challenged. We want to be a family that is big enough to allow you to blend in and investigate the claims of Jesus Christ anonymously, if that’s your choice. But we also want to be a family that fosters closeness and connection through small groups.

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