Have you ever felt like you were the only one going through tough times? Ever, felt like you were the alone in this world? Maybe you think you are the only one with question about Jesus. Here is some great news you are not alone. The problem is that society tells us it is better when we are self- reliant, when we don’t need anyone to help us. The problem with this is God never created us to be alone.“The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Genesis 2:18 (NIV) God always intended for us to do life with others.

It is strange that in a world where we have hundreds of friends on social websites like Facebook, and more ways to communicate than ever before we have never been more alone and isolated in history. Most people simply are so busy that they don’t take time to form intentional relationships. Here at First Christian Church we believe that we have to be intentional about forming those relationships. We believe that spiritual growth happens best when the right people surround us. We believe that real life happens best in community where we learn to care for one another. These groups are where we best come to know God and his love for us. This is why we have groups that meet all around town. These groups share their lives with one another, the good, and the bad. Therefore, whether you are a new to church and just trying to learn who Jesus is, or have been around for a while, the time is now to take this journey together.



Leading people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.